P & M Property Management is a company designed and tailored to assist and protect the real estate investor. Whether renting your Florida home or property, or just building up a real estate investment portfolio is your goal, you are free to enjoy the financial and personal satisfaction of real estate ownership without the property management responsibilities. You will never get overwhelmed with the day-to-day details of property maintenance or renter issues because we are there for you. We will deal with all and any day to day issues that come our way and although we will always keep you up to date with progress reports, we are there to manage every issue that comes our way so that you can relax knowing that your investment is in safe hands.
Our success is built on a caring and dedicated attitude towards both our owners and guests alike. We pride ourselves on our efficient but high quality service and we are always fully committed to fulfill all of our customer’s expectations whether they are buyers, owners or guests. We are also 100% committed to every one of our owner’s properties, whether they are small or large. We can tailor a property management service to suit each and every individual’s needs and expectations, which can be structured in such a way that the costs of your properties expenses can be budgeted for and managed to meet that budget.
We may be a family run business but we have built a diverse and experienced management team who are also dedicated and passionate about the job that they do. Therefore if you are looking for a good quality service where costs are managed in such a way that they will never spiral out of control, then P & M Property Management will be a great fit for you.

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Client Testimonials

P&M is a rare gem in the property management business. There may be an ocean between us, but we couldn’t be closer in thinking and approach to guest satisfaction. They understand that at the core of our business is making the perfect holiday – and making life as stress free as possible as an owner. And they deliver. Every time. I cannot stress enough how dependable and reliable they are – this is so important as we run our business from England. I have complete confidence in Paula and Michael. We work as a team, and I respect their judgement and appreciate their experience and advice.
- Polly And Joe

P & M Property Management have provided us with great service and support since we moved to them and our property is very well maintained to a high standard. They are always helpful and provide great service to our guests who have provided glowing feedback about them. They provide great value for money and we have received better service than with a large company and at lower cost. I would highly recommend P & M to any owners who are looking for good performance, quality and value from their management company.
- Janis and John Cording

P&M Management Company has provided excellent service for our home and for our guests. They are a management company that you can trust. They do what they say in a timely and professional manner, and have maintained a clean, safe and happy environment for our guests.
- Lois

We have used P & M for over 3 years. We have found them to be very helpful, reliable and above all, honest. Nothing is too much trouble and Paula & Michael are lovely people. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
- Stan Nelson

Michael and Paula from P&M Management are quite simply the best management company I've used! They are always proactive and keep the home clean, neat, and fully stocked. Paying attention to all the minor details really makes the difference between a mediocre rental, and one where your guests are happy and want to return. Since switching to them about a year ago, I've never received a complaint and have had several guests rebook for the following year. Being on site makes it super convenient for both me and my guests. Thank you to both of you for all your hard work!!
- Angela Sawyer

These are just a selection of the beautiful properties that we manage and maintain

3 Bedroom Condo
3 bed town house
3 bed villa